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Thorns to Laurels

Thorns to Laurels

Laurel crowns were worn by military commanders and emperors in the ancient world after great victories. Wearing them signified a great triumph was made. We see this today worn by the victorious athletes in the Olympics. This poem is inspired by Matthew Henry's commentary in which he said, "See His crown of thorns turned into a crown of laurels." Like Aaron's rod budding with ripe almonds in the presence of God, Christ's dead, harsh crown of thorns sprouts a victory of laurels!

  • Poem


    For the thorns are made anew

    They sprout laurels from thistles

    Birthed kingdoms and epistles

    Changed humanity, installed Christianity,

    ...and transformed the lowly you



    The King's coronation is here

    The last lumber has gone'p Moriah

    Finishing the pleas of Isaiah and Jeremiah

    Extinguishing fear, smothering jeers

    ...and restoring the hope of the sincere



    He is the King of every nation

    He traded wounds for elation, trauma for jubilation

    And then when all the mob was silent...

    The earth quaked His coronation


    'Thorns to Laurels' said one man

    To describe the manifestation at hand

    It makes you ponder...



    If a dead stick can sprout plump almonds for a man like Aaron

    Imagine what twisted thistles can give to the God-Man

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