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The Printing Press at the Central Hotel

The Printing Press at the Central Hotel

In the fall of 1898, the Central Hotel in Boscobel, Wisconsin was overbooked and they had to ask businessmen to double up and share rooms. John Nicholson and Samuel E. Hill were paired together by chance, and they sparked a friendship when they both pulled out their Bibles for a nightly devotional. That friendship sparked the vision for "a Bible in every hotel room" for travelers to spend time in God's word. Nicholson and Hill were joined by Will J. Knights and many others to help that vision come to pass. They called themselves the Gideons. To date, the Gideons have distributed more than 2.5 Billion Bibles globally, and at their current rate in 2023, they produce 2 Bibles every second.

  • Poem

    And the Angels shout...


    'No room at the inn' has delivered again

    It has given birth to a vision

    of both provision and precision

    WARM THE PRESSES! The weary travelers

    finds hope at the inn"


    And the Gideons sing...

    "Read it to be wise, learn it to advise

    Close the door, open the drawer

    and take hold of the prize

    It is the light to direct you

    The truth that will wreck you

    O' elect, with respect, open your eyes"


    And the Almighty says...

    "Life is within... this book I placed at your inn

    I sent the Gideons so you may know redemption of sin


    All of these circumstances, I arranged

    And all of these affairs, I ordained

    So that in your travel, you and I might dwell

    Therefore, with pleasure, I christen... I anoint...


    ...The Printing Press at The Central Hotel"

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