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Midsummer Errand

Midsummer Errand

In the piney woods of East Texas, there is a camp called Pine Cove. It is the place where myself, and many other college students, learned what it meant to die to self and serve the Lord with excellence from complete dependence. I thought I was signing up to work at a summer camp, but what I actually got was foundational life-long training to lead my home and my church in a way that honors God and inspires men. Many times, I have I heard John 14:6, ("I (Jesus) am the way, the truth and the life") preached and taught, but Pine Cove was the first places where I actually saw that Scripture lived out. After experiencing that extreme joy through serving my King, never again in the same way did my heart envy people of the world that chased temporary pleasures or convenient truths or built lives without eternity in mind. I am now an "old man", whose teenagers call PC the highlight of their year.  This poem is dedicated to all God

taught me in those piney woods of East Texas.

  • Poem

    It smells like pine and tastes like peach tea

    Bears likeness to everlasting and it sounds like jubilee


    Scatter your seed and see it increase

    Water the roots, prepare hearts for peace

    The allure of the calling will push and will pull

    The result... sleep each night with a body that is tired

    and a heart that is full

    And the young servants howl...

    "Something so hard, it will break you

    Something so sweet, it will make you

    We are on-time, bringing the rhyme, ridiculously free

    Full-time on the double-time, it's never about me"


    How can these lads and maidens carry this burden so?

    Today these youth lead a camp,

    and tomorrow the church and the home


    My heart overflows with a good theme

    As I am revived by the aroma of the one who redeems

    From some place (we do not know) we leap from the ground

    Come down to the Cove, our midsummer errand's found


    Arise weary servant to a set-apart mission

    Awake young deacons to charming ambition

    Apart from dependence, we are hilariously none

    We are Christ-Centered, Others Focused and Seriously Fun

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