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The prophet Hosea was given an unusual mission from God. He was to marry a prostitute and lovingly pursue her, even when she was unfaithful. This was to serve as an image of the way God had pursued Israel, a nation that had prostituted itself to other nations and idols. Can you imagine that wedding and the weight of the vows that Hosea would take? In modern times, most weddings begin with a declaration of intent as a precursor to the vows. This poem is written from the perspective of a friendly pastor giving his prophet friend a realistic expectation of what he should expect in his covenant of marriage to Gomer.

  • Poem

    Dearly beloved, we gather to consent

    To declare sincerity of this Covenant's intent

    A man and a woman prepare their lifelong vow

    So let me be candid, here and now


    My Prophet...


    Do you take this restless heart

    Sold to sensuous, prodigal art

    Colored with carnality with all available hue

    My dear seer, I beg you to think this through


    Will you give her your name, your fame, your kin

    Deliver your children to a mother of infidelious skin

    Will you vow to chase her, commit to embrace her

    To buy her back continuously and never replace her


    Will you shell out shekels of silver to secure her

    Donate bushels of barley to be near her

    Will you pardon the hope of fidelity and devotion

    Mark your marriage with assurance of painful emotion


    Do you commit to make your home a brothel

    To consummate this most unusual divine betrothal

    Will you love her as God loves us true

    If so, my tender prophet, when you are ready...

    please say "I do"

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