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Even if I'm two

Even if I'm two

Isaiah was one of the greatest prophets of the Bible. The Scriptures do not reveal how Isaiah died but early church fathers and Jewish writings give some hints. The Talmud, Tertullian, Origen, and Justin Martyr all name Isaiah to be the prophet from Hebrews 11:37 who was "sawn in two" for his faith. Isaiah served alongside the faithful King Hezekiah who brought revival back to Judah and fought off the Assyrian siege. Still, when Hezekiah's son, Manasseh, became King, he did great evil before the Lord. 2 Kings 21:16 says that Manasseh shed so much innocent blood that it filled Jerusalem from one end to another. Jewish writings say that in response to Isaiah’s rebuke, Manasseh placed Isaiah in a sack and put him in a hollow tree, where he was then killed. This poem is written from the perspective of Isaiah, giving his last sermon, as he was about to meet his maker, sawn in two.

  • Poem

    Hear ye, hear ye to my curtain-call persuasion

    To my last trembling of the one who is true

    This boy has placed me in a sack and a tree

    But I'll give you my creed...

    ...even if I'm two


    I've been naked, I've been desperate

    I've been shocking and I've been separate

    Let my former homilies give you one concluding clue

    Despite how you see me today, I won't be restrained...

    ... even if I'm two


    I've watched the sun go idle, global powers be bridled

    Seen the Almighty place a hook in the nose of a tyrant

    He led him back to his idols, to his kin, homicidal

    He met his dictator, his oppressor, his can't


    I've seen water flow through rock

    Visioned visions, rolled forward the clock

    Seen the seraphim and its six glorious wings

    I loved my prophetess, seen success, revealed bless

    Rolled out the red carpet of the prophecy of the King


    But this rotten, royal child...

    He seems to want to more than sheer me

    So sharpen your saw and make this captive anew

    You come at me you cold metal witch

    I'm meeting my maker today...

    ... even if I'm two

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