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A common man with an uncommon King. Hubby to 1 and Daddy to 3. Wrote my first poem at 17 when I was bored in a high school speech class. Since then, most of my writings have just littered journals and half-written notes on my phone. When I was a kid, I loved reading Walt Whitman and other classics, but as an adult, I fell in love with the greatest poetry of all, the Scriptures.


When I was young, I would always sign my poems with "Claiborne", which is my middle name, to hide my identity in case someone found it. It only seems right to continue that practice. When I was young, I wanted to hide. As an adult, I have learned more and more, it is never about me.


I have gotten to serve the last 21 years as a pastor at Watermark Dallas and Watermark Fort Worth.


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